Can we buy SaaS tools or licenses directly from Sastrify?

Yes, besides our SaaS procurement solution, Sastrify also provides a solution called SastriMarket. It is a SaaS buying solution where our customers can benefit from Sastrify's unique partnerships with category-leading vendors around the world. With it, we can provide exclusive SaaS discounts and preferential conditions, offering you a tailored solution based on your individual situation and your strategic objectives.

We offer over 20 leading SaaS tools, including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Asana, 1Password, Miro, and many more.

Learn more about the SastriMarket or Sastrify's SaaS marketplace in this article.

Do you pool licenses together across different customers to achieve better pricing?

This is something Sastrify does not do, as the licenses purchased from us are always tied to a specific customer account in Sastrify.

When providing procurement support, will Sastrify act as a contracting party or will the contract still be signed between us and the vendor?

The contract is always between you and the vendor, except for the SaaS solutions where we are a verified seller through SastriMarket.

Does Sastrify handle contract termination?

Canceling contracts is still your responsibility. However, if you wish, we can notify the supplier that the contract has been cancelled. 

Please see this article on terminating a contract for an email template that can be used to notify the vendor of the termination.

We have lost contact with our Sales Executive or CS Manager at vendor X, can Sastrify help us?

Of course we can! We have contacts with many different SaaS providers and can certainly support to retrieve your contacts. 

We have signed NDAs with some of our vendors, wouldn't we be violating them by sharing pricing details with you?

For any questions regarding the confidentiality clauses, please refer to this article.

A common concern is that switching to Sastrify will affect our customers' existing relationships with their vendors. Rest assured - there is nothing to worry about! Sastrify fulfills the role of an "in-house" procurement department. 

In fact, our involvement is often appreciated by vendors as it shortens the time to close a deal and makes price discussions more structured and focused. The involvement of Sastrify benefits our clients, because even after challenging price negotiations, the relationship you have with the vendors remains unaffected!