Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed before February 29, 2024. The availability of this feature varies across different existing legacy contracts. Please refer to the terms outlined in your contractual agreement for confirmation.

** This service is available as an add-on.


Service Details


The Custom SaaS Optimization Advisory is conducted quarterly (every 3 months) to deliver advice to our customers on potential cost-saving opportunities across their entire SaaS tool stack and to plan for upcoming procurement initiatives.

Scope and Deliverable

  • Sastrify provides guidance on upcoming renewals and identifies high-level savings opportunities per SaaS subscription with significant spend. This guidance is delivered via asynchronous mediums such as recorded videos and/or live advisory sessions.

  • Expertise is shared regarding optimization opportunities through price benchmarks, exclusive discounts via pre-negotiated reseller deals, tool stack overlap, adjustments of tool specifications, and right-sizing of unused licenses. 

  • During those sessions, we assist the client in identifying crucial initiatives, such as: upcoming renewals, quick wins, and building a roadmap for the next 3-6 months. 

  • Additionally, the customer and the Sastrify's IT Buyers align on how Sastrify can best support these initiatives.


Sastrify's Approach

  • Customers can book an advisory session (duration up to one hour per quarter) for a live advisory of their tool stack. 

  • An experienced IT Buyer performs a quick, high-level screening of the tool stack before the call (~30 minutes prep). 

  • A refresher of this can be requested up to three more times during a 12-month contract term. 


  1. Customers who have this service as part of their subscription need to proactively contact Sastrify (either the Customer Success Team or the Procurement Team) to book the quarterly call. 

  2. Sastrify will send a reminder to the customer to book the sessions. To maximize the effectiveness of the call, the customers will be asked to keep their tool stack up to date, including renewal dates, spend, and contract details.

Sastrify offers an extensive array of savings potentials for SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS tools, utilizing a dataset reflecting expenditures exceeding €2 billion, encompassing thousands of contracts and negotiations led by Sastrify. While this doesn't assure that every SaaS tool can be analyzed with a substantial amount of data, our service is subject to availability or prior experience. In cases where limited or no data or experience is accessible, the potential savings review is conducted with guidance on generic improvement strategies.

What you can expect from a custom benchmark request by Sastrify

A customer engaging in a Custom SaaS Optimization Advisory with Sastrify can anticipate a comprehensive tool stack review and advisory. The purpose is to receive expert advice on potential cost-saving possibilities throughout their entire SaaS tool stack, discuss quick wins, and plan for the next important renewal or new purchasing projects for the upcoming 3-6 months.