Sharing documents and information with Sastrify is just like sharing them with any other 3rd party (tool) like your accounting tool or your tax accountant. 

Be reminded that Sastrify has signed an NDA with your company before signing the subscription contract. Sastrify will never share contract information in combination with customer names to any third party.

Approaches and Workarounds

We suggest the following approaches:

  1. When supporting your procurement requests, our IT buyers can join the first call with the vendor and if they don't mind us joining the conversation, then we're good to go.
  2. If a vendor requires Sastrify to sign an NDA before joining the discussion, we are happy to do so.
  3. As a workaround: Sastrify will advise you on a call about pricing benchmarks and best practices without seeing your terms. Our Procurement team has extensive experience with this approach, and you can still benefit from their expertise.