Your spend data is not always up-to-date.

The frequency with which spend data is updated varies depending on the source, which affects its timeliness. 

With ERP & accounting software integrations, spend data is automatically pulled more frequently, benefiting from a technical integration feature that pulls and updates spend data at a regular interval, from every 15 minutes (for the Pleo integration) to every 24 hours (for the ERP & accounting integrations such as Netsuite, Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, Freshbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Zohobooks, or Sage Intacct).

Another option is to update spend data via an upload process of export files containing all accounting records of accounts where software/SaaS licenses and hosting are booked. Since this effort requires manual effort on your part to prepare the file and export it to Sastrify, the timeframe in which it is updated can vary from monthly, quarterly to semi-annually depending on how often you perform this exercise.

What explains the varying timeframes?

Sastrify recognizes that the manual effort required to prepare the export file can be significant. 

While it is ideal to perform the upload every month to sync with your accounting cycle, we want to ensure that the involvement from your end is kept to a minimum (ideally as little as 4 times per year) to allow you to focus your time and effort elsewhere while ensuring that we get the data we need to make informed decisions and keep your stack as current as possible.

Sastrify finds that performing updates on at least a quarterly basis provides a good snapshot of the entire SaaS spend and a reasonable level of data timeliness.

For the best view of spend information, we strongly recommend using the available ERP & Accounting integrations. You can easily connect to your ERP or accounting software to populate your subscription list with associated spend data and keep it up to date.