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* Legacy includes all plans signed before February 29, 2024.

Given the deeply ingrained nature of Slack in many organizations as the messaging platform for internal communication, we at Sastrify offer our own Slack app to support the way you currently work and how your organization operates. 

Our Sastrify Slack app integrates seamlessly into your existing workspace, which is not only useful for getting timely notifications of updates from your Sastrify platform, but also allows you to take action directly from within it.


What is Sastrify Slack App?

The app is designed and developed by our team to facilitate interaction between Sastrify and users within their Slack workspace. It delivers what we call "actionable notifications" from your platform, keeping you informed and giving you the ability to respond to specific events and tasks directly from your Slack account, such as when a renewal comes up or when someone comments on a tool you're tagged as the tool owner. 

In addition, the app also provides "informational notifications" that focus on key events you need to be aware of, such as when there are updates to your active procurement initiatives. These notifications, delivered through the Slack app, are useful for improving your ability to stay engaged and take immediate action within the familiar Slack environment.

How to connect the Sastrify App to your Slack Workspace

The Sastrify Slack app can be accessed from Settings > Notifications

Locate the Slack Notifications connection card at the top of the page. 

  1. Click the Connect button. 
  2. You will be taken to the Request Permissions page to grant the necessary permissions for the integration to work, establish a connection between the two platforms, and enable the transmission of relevant notifications.
  3. Establish the connection by granting Sastrify permission; click "Allow" to proceed. 
  4. Once completed, you will be redirected back to Sastrify's Notification Settings page where you can confirm that the app has successfully connected.

It's important to note that users setting up the Slack App must have an admin role to Sastrify.

Single Admin Authentication: only ONE admin user is required to activate the Slack app for their organization. This designated user is then linked to the authentication mechanism. Should they be removed from the organization, re-authentication will be necessary for continued access to the Slack app.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the setup process or require assistance with admin roles and permissions, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated the Sastrify Support Team.

Full List of Notifications

At present, the Sastrify Slack App offers four types of notifications, with plans for additional types in the future:

Renewal notifications:

Tool owners receive actionable notifications when a tool is approaching its renewal date. This allows users to promptly mark the tool for automatic renewal or address the tool by initiating a renewal initiative in the Sastrify app.

If a user does not respond to the initial renewal notification, subsequent renewal reminder notifications (similar to emails) will be sent based on the renewal notification frequency configured in Sastrify. You can access this setting from Settings > Notifications.

Comments and replies feed:

Users receive notifications about comments and replies on their subscription feed. They can view comment threads directly in Slack and respond to comments and replies, especially those relevant to their tools.

Initiative comments and replies:

Notifications are sent for comments and replies on the relevant ongoing procurement initiatives. Users can view comment threads directly within Slack and respond as needed.

Initiative information updates:

This notification keeps users informed of developments related to their initiatives. Whether a new initiative has been opened for them to review, they've been added as a collaborator, or there are specific actions to take, relevant updates are delivered through Slack as well as email.

Notification Preference Control

The Notifications settings page offers organizations the flexibility to customize their preferences, enabling them to choose the channels from which they prefer to receive notifications. 

This empowers users to tailor their notification experience according to their individual preferences and specific workflow requirements.

To learn how to change notification preferences, please read the article linked here.