Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed before February 29, 2024. 

In an attempt to help you set up and update your SaaS stack, Sastrify comes with different ways and methods to help you achieve your goal of creating a transparent and fully inventoried stack. Though the primary and the best way is to do so is using the available integrations we have available, we also understand that not all organizations are the same. 

If the tools that are listed as part of the available discovery integrations do not work for you, then the Tools and Spend Importer may be the solution for you!


What can you use the Tools and Spend Importer for?

The Tools and Spend Importer serves as a versatile feature within Sastrify, offering seamless way to upload 2 different types of files or documents populate and update your active tool stack:

  • Subscription List Upload: Ideal for companies managing SaaS subscriptions via a spreadsheet file, where it is used to keep track of the overall SaaS subscriptions and their details. With the Importer, you can upload the list into Sastrify and instantly visualize all data points into a complete tool stack within your platform.

  • Accounting Data Upload: Ideal for companies using ERP or accounting software such as DATEV, Candis, Spendesk, GetMoss, Pleo, Ramp, or Brex, the Importer allows you to upload the export data from your accounting system and turn it into a full list in Sastrify along with its spend. You can use the Importer for initial setup during onboarding and to keep your stack updated with its spend data, say every quarter or 6 months.

Pro Tips for a Successful and Error-Free Upload

  • Data Preparation Check:
    • Refer to the "Required & Optional Data Fields" section below. Ensure all necessary data fields are present and are in correct format (e.g. date must be in DD.MM.YYYY). 
  • File Upload Options:
    • You can upload the export file generated by your accounting system. Alternatively, you can use the templates provided here in this article (scroll to the bottom of the page) or from the first page of the Importer (see image below). 

Where to access the Tools and Spend Importer?

The Importer can be accessed via multiple access points within the platform:

  1. From your Tool StackClick "Actions" > Select "Upload" > Click "Import Data" on either Subscription List or Accounting Data.

  2. From the Spend Page Click "Upload" > Click "Import Data" on either Subscription List or Accounting Data.

  3. From the Discovery Page:Under the section: "Upload from spreadsheet", click "Import Data" > Select the type > Click "Upload your data".

How to use the Tools and Spend Importer

Step 1: 

  1. Drag and drop, or upload your file into the designated area. Please note that Sastrify only takes XLS(X), CSV, TSV, XML, or JSON as the acceptable formats. 
  2. Select the header, and click "Continue".
  3. Match the columns from your spreadsheet to the required column set, and click "Continue". To minimize the work involved in this step, we recommend that you use the available templates that you can download in this article (see below) or from the first page of the Importer. 
  4. Review your entries. This step allows you to make any necessary data or value adjustments, or to correct any errors found by the Importer.
  5. Click "Complete Upload" to finalize step 1.

Step 2:

  1. Review and match the vendors. 
  2. The left side shows the vendor list from your file, while the right side is the matching based on the Sastrify vendor database. 
  3. Different variations of vendor names in different invoices may cause the matching to fail. If this happens, this step gives you the opportunity to search for the right vendor using the drop-down menu.
  4. If the tool does not exist in our database and therefore does not match any of the options in the drop-down menu, you can create a custom subscription.
  5. Click "Complete Review" to finalize step 2.


Step 3:

  1. This is the final step and all you need to do is click "Confirm and Import" to start the import process.
  2. The process will run and the time to complete may vary depending on the size of the file. 
  3. Once complete, you will be taken to the Tool Stack page.

Required and Optional Data Fields

Below is a table detailing the required and optional data fields for each upload type, along with formatting notes and input values. 

Please ensure you conduct a thorough data preparation check to confirm all required fields are included and formatted correctly.

Upload TypeFieldRequired?Remarks
Subscription List
Renewal DateOptionalFormat must be in DD.MM.YYYY
Renewal FrequencyOptionalValue must be either:
Cancellation PeriodOptionalValue must be either:
X months
X days
Current Year CostOptionalThe format should ideally be in the US format (1.298,12 or 1298,12)*
Current Year Cost CurrencyOptional (Required if Current Year Cost is present)Value must be in format such as "EUR", "USD", "CHF", or a valid currency abbreviation.
Last Year CostOptionalThe format should ideally be in the US format (1.298,12 or 1298,12)*
Last Year Cost CurrencyOptional (Required if Last Year Cost is present)Value must be in format such as "EUR", "USD", "CHF", or a valid currency abbreviation.
Tool OwnerOptionalValue must be a valid “name” (e.g. John Doe) of an existing Sastrify user
TagsOptionalAccommodate up to 5 tags
NotesOptionalAccommodate up to 3 notes
Accounting Data
AmountRequiredThe format should ideally be in the US format (1.298,12 or 1298,12)*
Amount CurrencyRequiredValue must be in format such as "EUR", "USD", "CHF", or a valid currency abbreviation.
Invoice NumberRequired
DateRequiredFormat must be in DD.MM.YYYY

* Although the US format is the default format of the platform, the importer also accepts an alternative format, such as the EU/DE currency format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the Tools and Spend Importer FAQ page for a complete list of frequently asked questions