Providing the necessary contractual data is key to receiving negotiation and benchmarking support from Sastrify. It is difficult to ensure optimal renewal preparation for subscriptions, especially annual ones, without contracts.

Is it sufficient to upload invoices?

Invoices are only sufficient for monthly subscriptions where there are usually no other contracts. For annual subscriptions, invoices are not sufficient.

Contracts and/or order forms provide much deeper insight into the existing agreements with the vendor. Invoices provide only the most basic information (amount, date, vendor name), whereas contracts provide a lot more detail: terms and conditions, unit price and agreed discounts, contract duration, and so on.

Not including the latest contracts/order forms in your subscription information prevents Sastrify from providing you with maximum support.

For some tools it may make sense to add invoices as additional information to your initial contracts.

  • If you buy additional licenses during the contract period, you might not get an additional contract/order form, but only invoices for these licenses. These invoices will help you keep track of your actual license count.
  • For usage-based tools, the last two or three invoices (in addition to your contract) will give you an idea of how much usage may be on demand or in excess of your committed contract. This can help you optimize your contract for the next term or even the remaining term.