This answer is very simple: the sooner, the better!

Engaging Sastrify's experienced procurement buyers and experts early in the process significantly enhances their ability to provide valuable support during pricing discussions.

For the introduction of new tools, it is advisable to involve Sastrify even before initiating discussions with the vendor or starting a trial. This ensures ample time for initial sourcing and preparation. By engaging Sastrify's procurement team right from the start, they can seamlessly introduce you to the vendor's sales representative and take charge of the entire process on your behalf, thereby saving you valuable time and effort.

In the case of renewals for existing tools, drawing from our extensive experience with various customers, we recommend initiating the renewal process 60 to 90 days before the actual renewal date. This proactive approach facilitates a smooth and successful renewal, allowing sufficient time for negotiations and ensuring continuity of services.

How to introduce Sastrify to a vendor?

For obvious reasons, it is not the best idea to introduce Sastrify's IT buyer who is supporting your procurement request to a vendor with the words "Sastrify will handle the negotiations" or similar. When the vendor hears the word "negotiation", the salesperson is alert and better prepared for the call. So what is the best way to introduce your buyer? Feel free to use the phrase below or modify it to suit your needs:

"Please meet Tim. He helps us in our SaaS tool selections and contracts and will reach out to you to set up a meeting."

This introduction pursues three goals:

  1. It gives the Sastrify's IT Buyer the authority to discuss contract details on your behalf.
  2. It adds bargaining power to the upcoming conversation by indicating that Sastrify is helping to evaluate the vendor's solution against alternatives ("threat of going to the competition").
  3. It does not directly show that your buyer is ready to negotiate

Email template 

Feel free to use the following email template to introduce Sastrify to the vendors you already work with.

Hello [Vendor's Name],

[Insert your self-identification].

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to inform you that we have engaged Sastrify as our procurement partner to assist us with our SaaS renewals and subscriptions.

For the [Select one: Renewal/ Pricing Discussion/Discovery Process/Evaluation Process] of [Tool Name], we have authorized Sastrify to handle the case on our behalf as part of our internal IT procurement process. To facilitate a smooth transition, I would like to introduce you to [IT Buyer Name]. While you will continue to have my point of contact and we will remain your end customer, please work with [IT Buyer Name] on all matters related to this case going forward and direct all communications to [IT Buyer Name].

As for the next step, Sastrify will be in touch shortly to introduce themselves and begin the process. Thank you very much.

Best regards,
[Your Name]