Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed before February 29, 2024. The availability of this feature varies across different existing legacy contracts. Please refer to the terms outlined in your contractual agreement for confirmation.

** The negotiation & renewal support is available as an add-on.
*** Essentials customers can only involve Sastrify through the Procurement Support page, but not through the Initiative feature.

When making any procurement decision, whether it is to purchase new tools or renew existing ones, you have the option to enlist Sastrify's support and involve our IT buyers in your process.

This will trigger the creation of a procurement support request. Through this request, an IT buyer from Sastrify's experienced procurement team will assist you in completing specific tasks within your procurement initiative. The types of tasks or involvements that fall within our scope of services include:

(The details of each procurement support as part of Sastrify's service delivery are outlined in the respective links above.)


How to request new procurement supports

There are two ways to involve Sastrify and to initiate the creation of a new Procurement Support Request:

  • Primary method: From the dedicated Procurement Support page from your left side menu bar.
  • Secondary method: From an active and ongoing initiative.

Continue to the next section for detailed instructions on how to use each method.


Q: What distinguishes these two methods and how do you decide which to use? 

A: Both methods serve the common purpose of initiating a Procurement Support Request to engage our IT buyers for specific services: negotiation support or custom benchmarking support. 

We highly recommend utilizing the Procurement Support page for its simplicity, speed, and ease of access, allowing you to create a request within minutes. 

Alternatively, using Sastrify as part of an active initiative is more ideal for users who have a standardized approval process in place and would like to request procurement support from the already established framework and policy. 

The primary method does not require the creation or use of an initiative, while the secondary method does.

Involving Sastrify from the Procurement Support Page

Locate the Procurement Support page on the menu bar to the left.

Once there, you'll find three main building blocks:

  1. The "Involve Sastrify" button: Click here to initiate a new procurement support request. This prompts a form with several steps and questions to gather necessary information.
  2. Search bar: Use this feature to locate specific requests within the table below it.
  3. Tracking table: This displays all previously raised procurement support requests. You can customize the view by sorting data, modifying columns, or applying filters. 

Each line item is clickable, allowing you to open its detail page. From there, you can access the conversation tab to communicate and collaborate with the assigned IT buyer.

From there, creating a new support request is very straightforward: 

  1. Click the "Involve Sastrify" button.
  2. Choose the appropriate use case.
  3. Select the type of involvement or support needed.
  4. This action will open an input request form, with content tailored to your previous selections.
  5. Fill out all the information on the form. The more complete the better. 
  6. At the bottom of the page, you can also add other users or stakeholders who should be notified about the progress of the request.
  7. Finally, click "Submit" to send your request.
  8. Once completed, the new support request will be listed in the tracking table on the main page.

To ensure the best service and provide our IT buyer with a complete picture for necessary preliminary work, we ask that you please always:

  1. Upload all relevant documents (e.g., current contract, quotes, proposals, as well as invoices or other useful documents for the process).

  2. Provide complete, clear information by filling out all input fields and specifying them as accurately as possible.

With a complete and clear set of information, our team can start immediately, eliminating the need for back-and-forth requests for additional information, which can negatively impact resolution time.

Each procurement support request also includes status, notifying you the latest development of each one. 

  • When the request is initially created, its status is automatically set to Open
  • As the request is being processed and worked on, the status changes to In Progress
  • Once the request is resolved, the request will remain in the tracking table with a Closed status, providing a comprehensive history of your requests for easy tracking.

Procurement Support Detail Page

Each procurement support listed in the tracking table is clickable, allowing you to open its detail page, which consists of two tabs: 

1. Conversation tab: Facilitates communication with the assigned IT buyer responsible for handling your request or with internal colleagues involved in the request, by tagging them. 

You can use this page to post comments, share status updates, and exchange important information.

Any comment or text can be edited or deleted by simply clicking on the three-dot button located to the right of each line item.

2. Overview tab: Contains the details of the submission based on the initial information entered in the submission form. 

This tab also displays any uploaded files, such as a contract or order form. You have the option to upload additional files at any time.

Involving Sastrify from an active Procurement Initiative

This method of involving Sastrify and submitting a request for procurement support, as mentioned above, requires the creation of an initiative. Please read this article to learn how to use and work with the Initiative feature.

To locate the "Involve Sastrify" button on the tool line item under the Tools section of the initiative detail page, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the initiative detail page.
  2. In the Tools section, find the specific tool line item you need support with.
  3. Look for the "Involve Sastrify" button associated with that tool.
  4. Clicking the button will open an input request form.
  5. In this form, you can select the type of involvement you require:
    • Request benchmark (for Custom Benchmarking & Contract Review)
    • Renewal & Negotiation support
  6. Complete all required information.
  7. Click "Submit" to submit your request.