Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed before February 29, 2024. The availability of this feature varies across different existing legacy contracts. Please refer to the terms outlined in your contractual agreement for confirmation.

** For Pro plans signed before March 1, 2024, this feature is accessible as an add-on.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a type of cloud computing service that provides essential compute, storage, and networking resources on demand, on a pay-as-you-go basis. IaaS lets you bypass the complexity of buying and managing physical servers and datacenter infrastructure. SastriCloud is a solution by Sastrify that helps you to manage their your cloud spend efficiently.

How does SastriCloud work?

Customers who have access to SastriCloud will receive help in the following ways:

  • Optimization via direct discounts on cloud licensing
  • Optimization via cloud-specific native savings features (Savings Plans, Reserved Instances) and from other best-in-class cloud optimizations tools in the market
  • Optimization via implementation of improvements on cloud setup (e.g. identification of idle or unused resources)

What kind of services are included in SastriCloud?

  • Licensing
    Access to preferential conditions in your AWS, Azure &/or GCP licenses from Sastrify and its partner network

  • Management
    Access to cloud management tool to improve the visibility of your AWS, Azure & GCP spend + identify improvement areas

  • Services
    Access to preferential conditions in AWS, Azure &/or GCP professional & managed services & procurement experts and benchmarks from Sastrify and its partner network for negotiating the best commitment possible

What are the benefits of using SastriCloud?

With SastriCloud, you will obtain superior visibility of their cloud usage, save 10-30% on average on your cloud spend and enjoy increased flexibility by receiving the best solution for your setup at any given time. All of that, easy, fast and risk-free.

What is SastriCloud's experience?

  • 50+ happy customers
  • $2.5 million achieved savings
  • 2+ years of experience

Why is using SastriCloud better than doing everything yourself?

  • SastriCloud finds the right solution for you at any given time.
  • SastriCloud removes all the complexity of doing this yourself.
  • SastriCloud gives access to preferential conditions on licensing & professional services, which generate exclusive savings.
  • SastriCloud includes an expert purchasing process for vendor negotiations using procurement specialists and benchmarking data from Sastrify and its partner network.

Where is SastriCloud available?

SastriCloud is currently available in EMEA and US. It will become available in other regions in the following months.

How can I access SastriCloud?

  1. Go to Optimization > SastriCloud.
  2. Choose your company's cloud platform.
  3. Click on "Optimize."
  4. Fill out the questionnaire.
  5. Upload your latest invoice.
  6. Finalize by submitting your request.

Sastrify will review your invoice and contact you regarding how you can benefit from SastriCloud.

Which cloud providers can SastriCloud support?

SastriCloud covers optimization of the three major cloud providers: AWS, GCP and Azure.