Which integrations does Sastrify currently support?

Sastrify currently offers a wide range of ERP & Accounting integrations, including: Netsuite, Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, Freshbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Zohobooks, Sage Intacct, Exact Online NL, Exact Online UK, and Pleo.

Which Sastrify user role do you need to set up the integration?

You need to be an admin in Sastrify to be able to connect the integration.

What data is collected?

For the integrations with Netsuite, Xero, Quickbooks, Sage, Freshbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Zohobooks, Sage Intacct, and Exact Online we pull only the following data on a 24-hour frequency:

  • Suppliers/Vendors
  • Bills & Direct Costs only for the above vendors.

For the Pleo integration (using Zapier), we only fetch the following data points on a 15-min interval:

  • Invoice ID, Merchant name, Amount, (Transaction) ID, and Date

What are considered bills and direct costs?

Bills are recurring costs that contain details such as:

  • The date and time when the bill was recorded in the accounting system
  • The amount of the bill and its currency
  • The supplier from whom the bill was received
  • The line items indicating what the bill is for

Direct costs are one-time purchases that include:

  • Upfront payments for an item
  • Cash refunds from suppliers for returned items
  • Writing a check

How does Sastrify identify SaaS vendors from the integration?

We use a matching algorithm to cross reference the vendor names we have in our extensive SaaS vendor database with the supplier or vendor names discovered via the integration. 

  • If the vendors are already listed as part of the active subscription list (Tool Stack), the integration will not create duplicates, and only update the spend tab of the correct tools or subscriptions.  
  • If the vendors are not part of the the active subscription list but are successfully matched to our listed SaaS vendors, Sastrify will create new subscriptions, list them under the Discovered tab, and attach their spend. 
    Learn more about how to work with the Discovered page in this article.
  • If the vendors cannot be matched to any of the tools already listed in your account (which can occur due to the naming variations listed on the invoices) or to any of the tools listed in Sastrify's database, Sastrify will group and display them in the so-called Unmatched Vendor bucket(s) under the Spend Import feature. Here, you can manually validate them and decide which ones to keep by matching them to specific subscriptions. 
    Learn more on the Spend Import and Unmatched Vendor in this article

What is the visibility of the information pulled from any of the tools we can integrate with for other Sastrify users?

The information will be presented under Spend tab for the detected subscription. Subscriptions - and their associated spends - can only be viewed by admins, contributors who have access to the tool, and tool owners assigned to the tool.

Does the integration pull only the amount, or will it include the actual invoice files as well?

We also pull the actual invoices or billing attachments, if available, along with the spend amount. However, our Pleo - Zapier integration, at its current iteration, only pulls expense amounts and not their invoice files.

Why is there a spend item with an amount, but no invoice?

If the spend is recognized but there is no invoice attached, it means there was no invoice attachment in the original source.

We will pull the invoice documents and add them as attachments if they are available in the original source. We recommend that you check within your accounting software that you have integrated with Sastrify.

Will all the data in our Sastrify app be overwritten based on the data coming in from the integration?

If the tools are already listed as part of the active subscription list (Tool Stack), the integration will not create duplicates and will only update the Spend tab of the subscriptions.

Is there a difference in the quality of tool discovery between integration via SSO or ERP/Accounting, and can they be enabled simultaneously?

In terms of quality, both are advantageous and can be set up together. ERP/Accounting integration shows paid tools, while SSO integration includes other tools, such as tools registered for trial purposes. The former pulls spend information and invoices (if available), while the latter pulls only the tool or subscription name. 

As a customer, how will I be notified when new subscriptions are discovered through the accounting integration? Do I receive notifications or emails?

Currently, we do not send any notifications (via email or Slack) about the discovery of new subscriptions. In the Tool Stack, you will simply see the number of "Discovered" tools and how and when they are discovered.

I attempted to connect our company's Sage connector to Sastrify, but the desired country is not available in the list. Is this an error?

No, at the moment our Sage integration does have a geographical limitation set by Codat and can support a select number of countries: the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, USA, Canada, and the UAE. Accounts that are based on countries that are outside this list (for example: Australia, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Malaysia) cannot be supported.

Given the number of Sage products, which ones are covered by this integration?

Currently Sastrify's Sage Accounting integration only supports: Sage Business Cloud and Sage Intacct. The integration with other Sage products like: Sage 200cloud, Sage 50 or Sage Generation Expert are not available at this time.

Do I need to have an active Zapier subscription to integrate Sastrify with Pleo?

Yes, you do. Only customers who have both Pleo and Zapier in their tool stack will be able to use this integration.

In the case of Pleo - Zapier Integration, what is a Zapier task?

In Zapier, a "task" refers to a single automated action triggered by an event in one app that results in an action in another app. Every expense in your Pleo account that is automatically pulled is considered a "task" - which Sastrify uses along with its associated Supplier name to create, populate, or update your SaaS stack.

The number of tasks you can run in Zapier depends on your subscription tier. Each subscription tier includes a certain number of tasks per month, with higher-tier subscriptions allowing for more tasks. If you exceed your allotted number of tasks in a month, you may need to upgrade your subscription or pay additional fees to continue using Zapier. 
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Can I connect NetSuite to Sastrify without granting admin permissions?

While by default setting up a Netsuite integration with Sastrify requires admin permissions in Netsuite, we are able to provide a technical solution for customers who prefer not to set up administrator permissions without compromising the security and viability of the integration by individually setting up a number of selected required permissions and levels. 

Learn more about what to configure in this article.