Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed before February 29, 2024.

Sastrify aims to provide a definitive single source of truth, offering a platform designed to consolidate all SaaS documents in one centralized location. This not only facilitates effective control and oversight but also enhances visibility, ultimately optimizing the renewal process for organizations.


Subscription documents

Centralizing all documents in Sastrify enhances accessibility for authorized stakeholders, minimizing time spent searching and boosting day-to-day operational efficiency. Additionally, the centralized repository promotes collaboration among team members engaged in the procurement process, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Each tool subscription page has its own document library under the Documents tab. In this repository, tool owners can upload different types of documents and organize proper document storage for that tool.


Store and track your subscriptions' contracts, particularly larger ones with unique renewal or pricing terms, ensuring comprehensive oversight of contractual obligations and negotiations.

Terms and Conditions 

Attach current terms and conditions to subscriptions for easy reference, enhancing clarity and understanding of the contractual framework.

Master Service Agreement 

Utilize an MSA to oversee subordinate contracts and simplify future negotiations. Quick access to this document ensures awareness of established terms and conditions.

Data Processing Agreement 

Ensure compliance by having a Data Processing Agreement in place for personal data within subscriptions. Upload it for a comprehensive overview of data usage terms.


Maintain a repository of offers for any renewal negotiations, providing valuable leverage. Store all offer-related documents in one central location for easy retrieval.


Access invoices conveniently through the spend view of each subscription. They are automatically processed and added to the current annual spend, streamlining financial tracking.


Store various subscription-related documents, including usage analysis, setup screenshots, and implementation roadmap presentations. Centralize all miscellaneous documents for a comprehensive overview.

Uploading documents

To upload your SaaS documents to Sastrify, simply use the relevant document checklist and choose one of the following methods:

  1. First, you can simply drag and drop a specific document into the appropriate category from the Documents tab of each subscription.
  2. Second, you can click on the category you want to work with to upload the document from your local device or network.

You can also upload your documents by clicking the "Upload New Documents" button, which will open the document upload page. Follow the same steps as above to upload your documents.

To upload multiple documents that fall within the same category (eg: contracts from two different terms or years or multiple versions of MSA/DPA, you can upload them by clicking the "Upload new documents"  button.

Changing document attributes

For each uploaded document, you can change or modify the document's attributes, such as its date, category, and/or name. To change the document attributes, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the pencil icon to the right of each document item

  2. When a pop-up window opens, continue to change the attributes.

  3. Click "Save Changes" to complete the process.

Sastrify recommends, based on common best practices, that assigning a data and an accurate name to each document improves document version control and makes documents easier to find.

For every document, you can also download the file to your local drive or delete a specific document by clicking the appropriate icon located to the right of each document line item.

Uploading invoices

Invoices, although also part of the overall SaaS documents, are categorized and stored differently in Sastrify compared to other documents such as: contracts or DPA. Since invoices are related to spend and the amount on each invoice issued to a SaaS customer represents the cost incurred for that tool, it is stored under the Spend tab.

To upload invoices manually:

  1. Go directly to the "Spend" tab for each subscription.

  2. Upload invoice files by dragging and dropping or by clicking on the hyperlink provided to upload the document from your local device or network.

  3. Once uploaded and processed, the amount will be reflected in your spend view and annual spend.