Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed prior to November 1, 2023 and labelled as "Starter", "Advanced", "Professional" or "Enterprise".

Adopting a new software, system or process can feel overwhelming and a complex process. Sastrify, however, is designed to simplify SaaS management, making it not only easy and efficient but also an enjoyable experience. While it undoubtedly saves time and money both in the short and long runs, achieving successful adoption of Sastrify within a company requires more than just its inherent capabilities. 


Why is this important?

Establishing an internal understanding and garnering buy-in from key stakeholders and from a wider group of people within the company are pivotal steps in this journey.

If you’re a tool owner or admin using Sastrify to manage your SaaS or, if you’re the person who brought Sastrify into your organization, bridging the gap of awareness among your peers and team members is crucial.

  • You will want to make sure your peers and team know about Sastrify and start using it to achieve the goals you have set out for them.
  • You will also want them to understand the value Sastrify can bring to them on a daily basis.
  • This proactive approach aligns with the broader objective of ensuring not only the successful adoption of Sastrify but also its integration into the daily workflows of your colleagues.

Bringing your peers, team, and fellow tool owners within the organization on board will breathe life into these benefits, amplifying the software's potential impact on productivity and cost-effectiveness:

  • Better control over SaaS renewals
  • Improved organization and collaboration amongst your team
  • Less time spend on manual SaaS management tasks
  • More time to be strategic and proactive with your initiatives
  • More time and money saved

Practical steps and recommendations

For Sastrify Admins (Sastrify's main point of contact)

  • Full onboarding: 
    Utilize the Settings > User Management section to efficiently invite all tool owners to the Sastrify platform. There is no limit to the number of people you can register in Sastrify, and you can customize user roles for different individuals.

  • Establish ownership: 
    Assign tool owners to their respective tools within Sastrify, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility.

  • Effective communication: 
    Leverage internal communication channels such as email or Slack to inform tool owners about your Sastrify project. Clearly articulate its relevance and the reasons behind its initiation to ensure widespread understanding.

  • Work with your CSM: 
    Share a complete list of key tool owners with your CSM for targeted outreach, and invite your key tool owners to your scheduled Sastrify touch points or check-ins to facilitate direct communication with your CSM.

  • Get them involved: 
    Encourage tool owners to participate in periodic webinars organized by the Sastrify team to enhance engagement.

For Department Heads and Team Managers

  • Gain widespread consensus: 
    Stress the platform's significance both to your team members and to your peers.

  • Establish ownership:
    Assign tool owners to relevant subscriptions on your platform.

  • Coordinated onboarding training:
    Collaborate with your CSM to coordinate a team training session for seamless onboarding.

For Tool Owners

  • Managerial advocacy for adoption: 
    If you are facing challenges in getting your team to use Sastrify, seek management support to emphasize the importance of Sastrify for effective SaaS management.

  • Inspire through success stories:
    Share tangible success stories, showcasing time and cost savings achieved through Sastrify, to inspire your team.

Customized materials to introduce & share Sastrify internally

Over the years of working with numerous companies, we've found that sharing the successes achieved with Sastrify within their organizations serves as a powerful catalyst for inspiring new tool owners and colleagues. It creates a ripple effect that encourages others within the same companies to join the momentum and experience the transformative benefits firsthand. 

To facilitate your efforts, we provide the following resources that are readily available and can be downloaded from this article (located at the bottom of this page):

  • A presentation deck on "Rolling Out Sastrify" that can be used as an internal resource that is designed to be adaptable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of the organization's learning objectives.

  • A customized, ready-to-use "Customer-led Sastrify Adoption" communicaton template, uniquely created for your company. This can be used to integrate Sastrify internally, leveraging communication channels such as Slack, email, or your company newsletter.

In addition to the two resources above, our Customer Success team can also provide a full breakdown of the achieved savings details associated with specific set of tools (upon request), detailing the savings achieved and the methodology behind it. Please contact your CSM.