Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed before February 29, 2024. 

** For Essentials plans signed before March 1, 2024, this feature is accessible as an add-on.

Optimizing license usage is a key factor in controlling costs and optimizing your subscription setup - which ultimately leads to savings. 

Sastrify with it's myriad of feature kits has allowed companies to gain visibility into key information for each tool part of your SaaS stack, including total spend, tool owner, renewal date and frequency of what is being used. 

With Usage Analytics, Sastrify goes a step further by looking at how these tools are being used. It is a feature that allows you to monitor usage levels and track them over time, for a specific tool or set of tools & display the results right from your Sastrify app. 


How does Usage Analytics work?

From an inner working perspective, the way usage analytics work is the same as the way the tool discovery via SSO (Single Sign-On) integration feature works. 

When enabled, Sastrify will seamlessly connect and build secure integrations with any number of available SaaS tools and/or SSO providers of your choice to retrieve and then display two different types of data: users and login activity.

Usage Analytics are available in 2 types: 

  • Via SSO integrations: If you're connected to one or more of the SSO providers listed in Sastrify, You'll see usage data (total licenses & active users) for all tools listed in your Sastrify's tool stack that your company's user accounts have accessed using the single sign-on (SSO) authentication method of your choice.
  • Via direct integrations: These are integrations made directly with the SaaS tools using their direct API - and Sastrify has about 6 tools you can connect to for usage analytics. Each connection provides the usage data of that tool (one-to-one). And because they tap into the direct sources, they provide more detailed usage information about how actively your tools are being used. 
    With direct integration, you'll be able to see whether certain users have logged in (active) or not (inactive) within the last 90 days, along with total user vs. active user data. Data is updated weekly.

Note: Both types can be activated at the same time and are not mutually exclusive. 
If there is an overlap, Sastrify will always prioritize data from direct integrations as they are the most accurate and reliable. For example, if you have both Google SSO with usage analytics and a direct integration with Slack, the usage data displayed on your Slack subscription page will be the data from the Slack direct integration.

Which SaaS tools and SSO providers do we integrate with?

You can take advantage of integration with the following SaaS tools and SSO providers to gain the insights that Usage Analytics provides: 

SSO Providers

Google Workspace

SaaS Tools


Please note that in order to set up a direct integration with one of the SaaS tools, you need to have the corresponding tools in your active tool stack in Sastrify. The display of SaaS tools you can connect to in your Sastrify account also depends on whether the tools exist in your stack or not. 

For example, out of these 6 tools, if you only have HubSpot and Salesforce in your tool stack, those are the two tools that will be displayed as options.

How to set up and use Usage Analytics

Usage Analytics can be accessed from Settings > Usage Analytics.

To set up a new Usage Analytics Integrations:

  1. Click the "Connect" button on any of the SSO provider or SaaS tool options. (You can connect to multiple providers and activate them simultaneously).

  2. A specific setup page will open with specific information depending on your selection.
    1. For SSO options: you need to enable Discovery via SSO Integration (see this article for more information) and enable the "Enable usage analytics tracking (requires active connection)" toggle. 

    2. For the direct integration option: You must provide the required information, which may vary depending on the tool, such as: API key or access token, as well as some special privileges or permissions.The setup page contains all the information you need, including the connection guide for each tool.

  3. Click "Connect" to finalize the setup.

It's important to note that users setting up the usage analytics integration must have administrative (admin role) permissions to both the selected tools/providers and to Sastrify, as certain permissions must be granted for the integration to work properly.

Now that you have completed the setup, it is time to see what the results look like!

A summary of usage data is displayed on the subscription details page of each tool (i.e., to see Asana usage analytics, go to the Asana subscription page. The same is true for other tools likeHubSpot, Zoom, and so on).

The summary includes:

  • The top-level usage information along with the number of active users vs. total number of users. 
  • The graph showing the movement of usage levels over the 90-day time window.
  • The complete user list, and its usage statuses and last login dates.
  • The download feature, allowing you to get the .csv report of the usage analytics.

Limitations for the Google SSO option

Specifically for Google SSO, it's more about the number of users than detailed usage. You will only see the number of total users when connecting to Google Workspace SSO (left), compared to the level of details provided by the rest of the options (right).

However, despite this limitation, it still provides a strong foundation for improved cost control and usage visibility, enabling you to make informed decisions, such as license optimization. 

Asked Permissions for Usage Analytics

To effectively set up direct integration with certain usage analytics tools, such as Slack or Hubspot, Sastrify requires specific permissions for the technical setup to work. 

We need to request permissions for both admin and user data. These permissions are necessary to understand who the "active users" are within your company's subscription setup. Our purpose is to show usage data without interfering with any of your internal operations and communications.

Sastrify is committed to upholding the utmost privacy and security standards. We never read, modify, write, or update any messages within your SaaS environments. Your privacy is a top priority for us, and we take every measure to ensure the confidentiality and security of your information. Please read this article to learn more about our security and privacy standards.

Tool-Specific Requirements & Permissions

For Microsoft

To set up and configure usage analytics integration for Microsoft, you need the following roles:

For Slack 

To connect Slack for Usage Analytics, there are a number specific requirements: 

  • Admin privileges: you must be an admin within your Slack workspace to grant Sastrify the necessary permissions to collect usage data. 
  • Pro Plan or higher: Usage Analytics via the API is available to Pro Plan users and above, including Enterprise plans. Unfortunately, the Free plan does not provide the necessary information through the API, so an upgrade may be required to access this feature. 

For Asana

To connect Asana for Usage Analytics, your Asana subscription must be on an Enterprise plan.

For HubSpot

Please make sure to add the following permissions: 

  • ""
  • ""

For Zoom

Required Permissions: User and Permission Management / View "Users"

If you have any further questions or encounter any issues during the integration process, please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the Usage Analytics FAQ page for a complete list of frequently asked questions.