How often is usage analytics updated?

Usage analytics data is retrieved and updated on a weekly basis. This regular update ensures that you have access to the most current and relevant information about usage and consumption levels.

When this feature is enabled, what information is retrieved that contributes to displaying the usage data?

Only license holders and login activity events to the connected application(s).

Which Sastrify user role do you need to set up the integration? 

You need to be an admin in Sastrify to be able to connect the Usage Analytics integration. Contributors can only view but not add connections. 

Can I connect to multiple SSO providers?

You have the ability to connect to multiple SSO providers for Usage Analytics. You can for example enable 2 providers at the same time, such as Google and Microsoft Usage Analytics along with their Discovery capability. 

Our company has separate subscriptions (separate billing) for tool X (for example: Asana, Slack, or Zoom). Can I set up multiple direct usage analytics for the same tool?

No, you cannot. It is not possible to connect to the same tool multiple times to track separate accounts. 

Can I set up both types of Usage Analytics (SSO and direct integrations) at the same time? And if so, which data will be displayed and which will take precedence?

Yes, you can set up the connection to both types at the same time, as they are not mutually exclusive. 

If there is an overlap, Sastrify will always prioritize data from direct integrations as they are the most accurate and reliable. For example, if you have both Google SSO with usage analytics and a direct integration with Slack, the usage data displayed on your Slack subscription page will be the data from the Slack direct integration.

Sastrify offers 6 SaaS tools for direct integration usage analytics, why can I only see two in our company account?

The display of SaaS tools you can connect to in your Sastrify account depends on whether the tools exist in your stack or not. For example, out of these 6 tools, if you only have HubSpot and Salesforce in your tool stack, these are the two tools that will be displayed as options.

What does "total users" mean?

Total users is the number of people or users that we have identified as having logged into a tool at any given time. 

What does "active user" mean?

An active user is defined as a user who has accessed the tool by logging in and performed any activity within the tool during the 7-day period. Usage is defined as actual activity within that time period. 

Why can't I see "active users" when connecting to Google Usage Analytics?

The Google SSO endpoint does not provide us with sufficiently accurate "active user" information, which limits the type of usage data details Sastrify can retrieve.

Why can I still see our company's Microsoft Office 365 usage levels after setting up Microsoft SSO for Usage Analytics?

As paradoxical as it may seem, Usage Analytics with Microsoft does not currently provide usage analytics for products within the Microsoft suite. As a result, analytics are not available for Microsoft Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This discrepancy is due to the endpoint setup on the Microsoft side.