Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed before February 29, 2024.

Transparency allows companies to know where they’re stepping in. They can easily map risk cause they know every tool that’s part of their SaaS Stack.

By connecting and utilizing the available ERP & Accounting integrations as well as the Tool Discovery integrations via SSO, Sastrify can function as intended, not only to set up and update your SaaS stack, but also to be constantly on the lookout for new tools purchased by your companies or signed up by any of your employee accounts in an automatic manner. 

This allows you to gain full visibility into your actual SaaS stack and combat Shadow IT. Whenever it detects new tools that are not part of your active list, Sastrify will list them in a page called: Discovered page.


How to access the Discovered page

The Discovered page can be accessed from Tool Stack > Tools > Discovered.

Tools discovered through integrations that aren't part of the existing tool stack (those listed in the "In Use" tab) will be displayed in a separate tab on the Tool Stack page. 

These tools won't automatically appear in the company's main tool stack. This allows admins to sort through the list, review, and determine whether these tools are genuinely part of the company's active subscription list.

The Source column provides information on the integration from which a tool originates. In the example provided, the label "Google" indicates that the tool is sourced from the Google SSO integration.

How Sastrify discover these tools?

There are two potential sources of the tool discover:

  • ERP & Accounting integrations: Here Sastrify uses a universal API capability to retrieve spend data and the associated suppliers or vendors from your ERP or accounting software you connect to your platform.

  • SSO (Single Sign-On) integrationsThese integrations automatically discover subscriptions as well as import and continuously update your entire tool stack by discovering all SaaS tools used and accessed by user accounts associated with your company (under the same domain) through your organization's SSO login (by capturing the all successful logins).

Sastrify then uses a matching algorithm to cross reference these vendor names we have in our extensive SaaS vendor database with the tools, supplier, or vendor names discovered via the integration. 

Note that especially with the SSO integrations, discovered tools are pulled based on successful logins, so there is no distinction between active tools and those that are in the trial phase or still under consideration.

What you can do here as Admin?

As an admin, you can use this page to:

  • Get a complete count of discovered tools.

  • Review the list of detected tools along with their sources (which integration(s) they were detected from), import dates (when they were detected by Sastrify - not the tool purchase date), and detected spend (only for tools detected from the ERP & Accounting integrations). 

  • Decide whether to move certain tools to the In Use tab or mark them as Inactive.

  • Assign tool owners directly from this page before moving tools to the In Use tab.

  • Perform search & filter the view to assist in your review process.

Sastrify encourages you to regularly review this page and change the status of the discovered tools as soon as possible to ensure that the main subscription list (tool stack) is updated with the active tools that are currently and formally part of your organization's stack.

Moving discovered tools to In Use

To move the any tools from the Discovered page, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the 3-dots icon of the tool you want to modify and select “Move to in use tab".

  2. Alternatively, you can select one or multiple tools and click the "Move to in use tab" button located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Tools that are determined not to be in use or part of your organization's current stack can be deleted from this page.

Please note that once you delete a tool, you will not be able to go back and revise your decision.

In addition, here you can also edit the info of any tool by clicking on the 3-dots icon and selecting "Edit Info". Here you can change its name, place tags, and assign a tool owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a difference in the quality of tool discovery between integration via SSO or ERP/Accounting, and can they be enabled simultaneously?

A: In terms of quality, both are advantageous and can be set up together. ERP/Accounting integration shows paid tools, while SSO integration includes other tools, such as tools registered for trial purposes. The former pulls spend information and invoices (if available), while the latter pulls only the tool or subscription name. 

Q: What happens if a tool has not been used recently (e.g., in the last 60 days)?

A: Single sign-on (SSO) integrations, such as those for Google, Microsoft, or Okta, do not specifically track user activity. Instead, they look at the number of users authorized to use each tool with their respective credentials (e.g., Google or Microsoft credentials).

Q: Is Sastrify always be able to discover new tools that are available in the entire SaaS space?

A: Our matching system only detects, discovers, and lists new tools based on our extensive database of SaaS vendors. We use a matching algorithm to compare the vendor names we have in our database with the customer's vendor names captured through the integrations. While it does not include all vendors in the SaaS space (as the landscape is constantly evolving with new companies emerging and others discontinuing their services), our database is extensive and is regularly updated to ensure it stays current.

Q: As a customer, how will I be notified when new subscriptions are discovered through the SSO integration? Do I receive notifications or emails?

A: Currently, we do not send any notifications (via email or Slack) about the discovery of new subscriptions. In the Tool Stack, you will simply see the number of "Discovered" tools and how and when they are discovered.


Q: If a subscription or a tool is deleted, is it possible to restore it?

A: No, it is not. Deletion is permanent, so once a tool is deleted from this page, it is not possible to go back and reverse the decision.