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* Legacy includes all plans signed prior to November 1, 2023 and labelled as "Starter", "Advanced", "Professional" or "Enterprise".

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"Task Automation" is a feature of the Sastrify platform that allows you to create automatic tasks based on the status of each subscription. In the "Task Automation" tab of the left hand menu, you can trigger automated tasks for the two main subscription stages:

  1. New Subscription Created: when a new subscription has been added on Sastrify
  2. Subscription up for Renewal: when a subscription moves into a "up-for-renewal" status

Below is an overview of use cases for each event or subscription transition.

New Subscription Created

This stage is relatively similar to the previous one, but might include some additional necessary actions, like assigning the Finance Admin to set up invoice forwarding for the subscription, so that the spend remains accurately reflected in the platform. You can also create a Workflow for the Tool Owner to review if the data policy has to be updated or not. The task can mention external sources, like a dedicated Notion page for example. 

Subscription up for Renewal

For this stage of the subscription lifecycle there are several processes that need to take place as well. The whole possibility of renewing the tool has to be evaluated by reviewing and validating the tool requirements and usage. You could create the Workflow and include the following questions as either one task or separate tasks assigned to different users:

  1. Does the tool still meet business requirements? Assigned to the Team Lead
  2. Is this tool meeting ROI estimations? Assigned to the Finance Admin
  3. Are there any alternatives that could be better suited for our current needs? Assigned to the Tool Owner
  4. How does this tool impact OKRs? Assigned to the Team lead
  5. Any additional details? Assigned to the Tool Owner

In case the tool does not satisfy the company's needs anymore, alternatives should be explored and evaluated. Also, if there are budget adjustments, a workflow can be created to look into those as well.

Implementing Task Automation

Once the Tasks are created, they will be automatically triggered as soon as any tool shifts into the respective lifecycle stage. For example, when a subscription’s status automatically changes to “Up for Renewal” as it nears it renewal date, all the tasks connected to the respective Task will automatically appear in the Task Tab of each subscription.

Setting up Task Automation ensures all relevant stakeholders are involved in a timely manner. Each stakeholder can be invited into the platform and once assigned a specific task through the Workflows, will be notified regarding the assigned task and any set deadline (e.g. within the first two months of the new tool being requested or a month prior to a contract renewal), and additionally reminded to complete any outstanding tasks prior to the due date.

Task Automation is unifying all processes that even take place outside of Sastrify on the platform, creating a high level of transparency for all stakeholders involved.

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