Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed before February 29, 2024.

Sastrify can seamlessly connect and build secure integration with your Google Workspace SSO to enable what is called Tool Stack Discovery. 

This feature automatically discovers subscriptions as well as imports and continuously updates your entire tool stack by discovering all SaaS tools in use and accessed through your organization's Gmail logins.


Using this feature, you can discover and add new tools to Sastrify by setting up a connection that allows Sastrify to have read-only access to view usage and audit reports

This connection can only be established by a user on your side who has appropriate access to the reports, typically the Google Workspace Admin.

During the integration setup, the Workspace Admin will be prompted to accept two authorizations (as shown in the screenshot below). It is important to check both boxes to ensure proper integration functionality.

Audit Report & Usage Report

A Google Workspace audit report is a detailed record of all actions and activities taken by users within a Google Workspace domain. The report provides insights into how users are utilizing Google Workspace. 

The Customer Usage Reports aggregate Google Workspace service usage information for all users across an entire domain. It captures all successful logins made by accounts within the same domain to a list of authorized applications.

Newly Discovered Tools

Using the Customer Usage Reports, this integration consolidates the tool list based on SSO authentication logins and compares it to Sastrify's vendor database. The following will take place:

  • If a tool is already listed as part of the active subscription list (Tool Stack page), the integration will not create a duplicate tool. In other words, it will take no action.

  • If it does not find any matches in Sastrify's vendor database, it will not add the tool to the list or the Discovered Tools page.

  • If a tool in the list is listed in our vendor database and is not yet listed in the Tool Stack, it will be added as a newly discovered tool under the Discovered page (see image below as an example). A "New" marker or tag will appear next to page label to indicate that new subscriptions have been discovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the conditions for Google integration to detect or discover new tools?

A: Google Workspace integration automatically discovers new tools when Google user accounts associated with the company (under the same domain) use the Google Workspace Single Sign-On (SSO) login method to authenticate. If a tool or vendor is listed in Sastrify's vendor database and you do not have a subscription listed in the main subscription list, Sastrify will create the new tool and place it under the "Discovered" page.

Q: How often should the integration or connection be refreshed to make sure new subscriptions are always discovered and added to the platform?

A: You only need to set up the connection for the Google Workspace integration once. After the initial setup, Sastrify stores the generated "refresh token," which allows us to check and fetch new subscriptions on a weekly basis.

Q: What happens if there is a tool that used to be accessed via Google SSO authentication, but has not been used in the last 30-60 days? Will the integration still pull it into Sastrify?

A: Yes, the Google Workspace integration does not consider user activity or frequency of access when pulling tools into Sastrify. It will capture all successful logins.

Q: Can the integration distinguish between tools that are actively used and those that are in a trial phase, and only pull the active ones?

A: No, it does not make such a distinction. The integration detects all tools, but only displays those that have matches in Sastrify's database.