Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed before February 29, 2024.

By assigning tool owners to their tool subscriptions, companies can maximize the benefits of Sastrify while promoting transparency and a culture of accountability within your SaaS stack management. This practice allows you to manage and optimize your entire SaaS stack with transparency while streamlining collaboration.

What are these benefits?

  • Sastrify keeps tool owners informed about upcoming renewals
  • Enables proactive steps for smooth renewals
  • Provides timely renewal status and countdowns to renewal dates
  • Allows direct action from the platform
  • Tool owners, by being assigned to their tools, receive notifications for:
  • Important updates related to their subscriptions
  • Crucial vendor insights
  • Potential price alerts

The term "tool owner" typically refers to an individual within an organization that is responsible for monitoring, managing, and optimizing a specific software or application.

These are also the people who know the ins and outs of specific tools and are typically responsible for making the purchase and renewal decisions for those tools. 


Assign or change a Tool Owner

There are three ways to assign or change your Tool Owners:

Assigning Tool Owners from your Tool Stack

  1. Go to the Tool Stack section. Here, you get a bird's eye view of your entire company's subscriptions. 
  2. If there is an icon below the Tool Owner column, it means that the tool has not yet been assigned a tool owner.
  3. Click on the 3-dots icon of the tool you want to assign or change an owner to.
  4. Select “Edit Info”. 
  5. This opens up a detailed view where you can enter key information. 
  6. Look for the "Owner" field
  7. Choose from the drop down menu the individual best suited to be the Tool Owner for that specific tool.
  8. Confirm your selection by hitting "Save".

Tips: You can also assign or change tool owners in your tool stack in bulk at one time by selecting multiple tools and then clicking the "Edit Details" button in the lower right corner of the page.

Assigning Tool Owners on the Subscription Page

  1. Go to the Tool Stack section.
  2. Select the desired tool or subscription.
  3. Click on "Assign Owner" located at the top section of the page
  4. Locate the Tool Owner in the drop down menu by either using the search bar or scrolling.
  5. Your selection is automatically confirmed upon clicking the username.

Assigning the Tool Owner during Platform Invitation

  1. Go to Settings > Users & Authentication. 
  2. Click the "Invite Users" button. 
  3. A new window will appear where you input their name, email address, select their role, and assign the tools they will be the Tool Owner of. Optionally, include a custom note.
  4. Click "Send Invitation"

Removing a Tool Owner

As people change jobs and responsibilities, you can also remove tool owners from specific tools while you wait for their replacements to come on board. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Tool Stack section. Here, you get a bird's eye view of your entire company's subscriptions. 
  2. Click on the 3 dots icon located on the right side of the tool.
  3. Select “Edit Info”. 
  4. Look for the 'Owner' field, and click on the "x" next to the name.
  5. Confirm your selection by hitting "Save".

In addition, you will also be able to remove the tool owner from the individual subscription page.

  1. Go to the Tool Stack section.
  2. Select the desired tool or subscription.
  3. Click on the currently assigned tool owner.
  4. Click on the "x" next to the name

Frequently Asked Question

Q: I cannot assign a tool owner because when I click the drop-down menu, the person is not in the list. What should I do?

A: Before assigning someone as tool owner of a tool, you need to make sure that this person is already invited to Sastrify and is an active user. To invite a colleague, go to Settings > User Management. Then click on the "Invite user" button. You can assign the person to a specific tool with the invitation to ensure the automatic assignment after the invitation is accepted and a logion is created. Or you can assign them separately by following the instructions above.