Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed prior to November 1, 2023 and labelled as "Starter", "Advanced", "Professional" or "Enterprise".

** The procurement support is available as an add-on.

*** The procurement support comes with these plans. Usage above a certain level requires the purchase of additional services as add-ons.

When driving your procurement initiatives, you have the option to request Sastrify's support and involve our IT buyers in your process. 

Involve Sastrify is a feature nested within the Procurement Initiative feature and when selected, it will trigger the creation of a Procurement Request where an IT Buyer from a group of Sastrify's experienced Procurement Team will assist you to accomplish a specific task within your Procurement Initiative. 

Tasks can range from: negotiation and renewal support (where our team will either negotiate on your behalf or support you with strategy and expert advice) to performing a custom benchmarking exercise and scouring the market to find suitable alternative tools. For each engagement, our team works to a strict 8-hour (1 business day) SLA to provide you with a timely response and then works to get you the best deals possible.


How to involve Sastrify

Locate the "Involve Sastrify" button on the tool line item under the Tools section of the initiative detail page. Clicking the button will open a input request form. 

Here you can select the type of involvement you require:

  1. Request benchmark
  2. Renewal & Negotiation support
  3. Find alternatives
  4. Other

Depending on the type of engagement selected, the following fields within the form will vary. To ensure that you receive the best service and that our IT buyer has a complete picture for the necessary preliminary work, we ask that you please always:

  1. Upload all relevant documents (e.g. current contract, quotes, proposals, as well as invoices or other documents that may be useful for the process). 
  2. Provide us with complete, clear information by filling out all input fields and specifying them as accurately as possible.

Pro Tip: With a complete and clear set of information, our team will also be able to get started right away, eliminating the need to go back and forth with you later to request additional information, which can negatively impact resolution time

Please note that documents submitted to Sastrify during a procurement engagement are not automatically transferred to a subscription.You can upload the documents to a subscription in two ways: 

  • Manually: Download the documents from the Procurement Involvement, then upload them in the Document tab within the subscription once it is activated.

  • Semi-manually: Download the documents from the engagement, then upload them with the documents within the original renewal or new purchase initiative in the Document section. When the tool is renewed or activated, the documents are automatically transferred to the subscription (see image below).

Track Procurement Involvements

If you have requested Sastrify's support for one of your procurement initiatives, you can track the status of that request and get an overview of all previous involvements here by accessing the Support page > Procurement Involvements.

  • Once a procurement request is created, it will be listed here with the type and tool name associated with the ticket. Each procurement involvement also includes the status and stage information. When created, the request status is automatically set to Open.
  • If the request is being handled, the status changes to In Progress.
  • After the request is resolved, the ticket will remain in this tab with a Closed status, allowing you to track the entire history of your requests.

In some cases, Sastrify may need additional information or action from you to close a ticket. This is indicated by the Procurement Stages indicators. If the indicator is orange, as shown below, additional input is required.