Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed prior to November 1, 2023 and labelled as "Starter", "Advanced", "Professional" or "Enterprise".

The Sastrify platform is designed to help you have maximum visibility of your tool stack and stay on top of any developments with regards to your subscriptions. The Overview page is the first page that you will see after logging into your account. Let's take a closer look at it.

The Overview page features multiple widgets designed to enhance the transparency of your SaaS subscription status. The initial widget presents the total number of subscriptions, accompanied by a detailed breakdown according to their status.

With this widget you can:

  • Get a bird's-eye view of all your subscriptions and see those that require action, such as those that are up for renewal or have expired. 
  • Click on any of the statuses to go to a pre-filtered view of the tool stack with only tools in that status. 

Following that, you'll encounter a display of the tools with the highest spend in your stack. It's important to observe that the chart arranges these tools according to their Year to Date (YTD) spending, encompassing the period from the start of the year up to the present moment.

By hovering over a particular bar chart, you can see additional details such as the amount of spend, the tool owner, and the renewal date.

Additionally, you can easily view the overall spend for both the current and previous year in this section. Furthermore, the savings generated for you by Sastrify are prominently displayed for your convenience. 

In the lower section of the page, you'll discover a list detailing upcoming renewals, accompanied by a visual timeline depicting renewals scheduled for the upcoming months. This layout provides a comprehensive overview of your subscription renewals, ensuring you stay informed and can effectively plan for the future.

With these widgets you can:

  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of all upcoming renewals, coupled with the option to filter for tools you own using the "My Tools Only" toggle. This feature provides a thorough renewal horizon for the upcoming months.
  • Hover over any item in either the upcoming renewals list or the timeline view to access various actions. You can view detailed tool information, initiate a renewal procurement, or review details if the procurement initiative has already been created. This interactive functionality enhances your ability to manage renewals efficiently.