Applicable to the following Sastrify plans:


* Legacy includes all plans signed prior to November 1, 2023 and labelled as "Starter", "Advanced", "Professional" or "Enterprise".

Sastrify Support page is the place to report any technical issues or send feedback related to the platform. This page also allows you to get an overview of all Sastrify engagements in your procurement initiatives, in case our procurement team is involved in helping you with renewal negotiations or benchmarking. 


The Sastrify Support page can be accessed by clicking on Support on the left sidebar in your Sastrify platform, as shown below:

Sastrify App Support

Whether you need support using our platform or have some general feedback for us, we are here to listen! Use the App Support page to let us know. Your feedback and support requests are invaluable for product improvement and enhancing your customer experience.

  1. Select the type of request: Report a Problem, General Question, Provide Feedback, or Other.
  2. Add a comment describing the reason for your request and the details of the issue or feedback.
  3. If necessary, add any relevant documents or screenshots to further describe your request.
  4. Once the request is submitted, our Customer Support Manager will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you.

Access to Sastriverse

From this page, you can also access the Sastriverse - our hub for solutions and knowledge base library, as well as the Sastrify Academy - for all things Sastrify. 

Tracking Procurement Involvements

If you have requested Sastrify's support for one of your procurement initiatives, you can track the status of that request and get an overview of all previous involvements here under Procurement Involvements.

  • Once a procurement request is created, it will be listed here with the type and tool name associated with the ticket. Each procurement involvement also includes the status and stage information. When created, the request status is automatically set to Open.
  • If the support request is being handled, the status changes to In Progress.
  • After the request is resolved, the ticket will remain in this tab with a Closed status, allowing you to track the entire history of your requests.

In some cases, Sastrify may need additional information or action from you to close a ticket. This is indicated by the Procurement Stages indicator. If the indicator is orange, as shown below, additional input is required

The possible stages include:
  • Capture your business needs
  • Awaiting vendor meeting acceptance
  • Negotiation in Progress
  • Benchmarking in Progress
  • Proposal reviews by you
  • Your Legal & Security Review
  • Awaiting your signature
  • Proposal Rejected
  • Proposal Accepted

How long does it take for Sastrify to respond to a support request?

Once the ticket is created and submitted, Sastrify will contact you within one business day. The ticket will be closed once the reason for the request has been addressed. Sastrify will also close the ticket if no response is received within 2 to 3 weeks.